Food Processor Attachment KAH647PL

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The KENWOOD CHEF can be customised by adding a wide range of optional attachments expanding the functionality to perform practically all food preparation tasks. Our high quality attachments have been developed to deliver great, consistent results time after time. The high performance Tritan™ Food Processor attachment makes light work of processing ingredients and creating delicious dips and salsas. This highly desired attachment is now available for the full Chef range.

Large 1.2L working capacity

High quality stainless steel chopping blade

6 individual stainless steel discs:

- Thin Slicing – 2mm

- Thick Slicing – 4mm

- Fine Grating – 3mm

- Coarse Grating – 5mm

- Julienne – 5mm

Fully interlocked

Tough, durable, BPA free

High speed outlet attachment


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